Are you a business iconoclast or a meek sheep?

This is what iconoclast outfits look like, btw.

In case you haven't noticed, I've given up on the "proven-blueprint-model-strategy-structure"* and instead reverting to a  "this-is-how-we-do-it"* party-oriented way of running ye olde business.


Say what?


Yeah. I'm pretty much biting my thumb (or is it thumbing my nose?) at the standard bearers of interwebs marketing.


Not because they don't know what the eff they're doing. And not because their jenks doesn't work.

Nope. It's because of me.


You see, I don't so much fit into the mold of business. (Geez, have I ever?)


And for me, trying to shove myself into the box of business and online marketing protocol is kinda painful. (It's a very small box.


Fortunately, I've had some peeps support me in going my own way. Lissa Boles was the first person to tell me, "Oh yeah you know you're never going to be one to maintain a marketing calendar, right?"


Hahahahahaha. Yeah, she's not kidding. Not because I don't work hard or I'm not disciplined. It's more because that's just now how I roll.


That's just ONE example of how the currently well-regarded system doesn't serve me. If I tried to go follow that system, I'd end up a slave to it.


And that, my friend, is not why I'm in business.


I'm in business for the freedom!


So, ask youself: Why are you in business? 


What "best practices" are no longer serving you?


What conventional and accepted wisdom do you want to challenge regarding how you do things?


I'm not saying put on your iconoclast clothes just to be contrary, unless you like that sort of thing, of course.


I'm saying what would happen if you took every single piece of your biz puzzle out and examined it to see if it really and truly fits?


Does it fit your biz? Your model? Your goals? And most importantly, does it fit you?


And then let me know. I am soooooo curious about what is working for you and what isn't. So tell me here!



* It's Friday Night and I feel that song! Yes I sing it when I type the lyrics.