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You might be (I hope):

  • Superfun

  • On a journey of inquiry, innovation, growth and love

  • In the worlds of business, technology, leadership, personal development and/or creativity

I am:

  • A wife and mom and sister and friend
  • An artist
  • A lover of trampolines, yoga, hobbies in general, and all things sparkly
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I'll bet you know your ROI. But what about your ROE? 

That's Return On Emotion. In other words, are you getting both revenue and joy from your work?

After over 13 years consulting with people and teams, I'm convinced (by data) that our work yields better results (ROI) when we're enjoying it (ROE). 

Curious where you fall on the ROI/ROE scales? Take my short five question quiz to find out. 


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To do things the way you want to do them. Perhaps you are a rebel at heart. Or perhaps you need no label in order to choose your own way. But sometimes it's nice to hear from an expert that yes, you can succeed without following "best practices" and that your way, in fact, will yield the results you desire. 



The big picture. The vision of who you are before you are ready to step into it. I see it and I see you. And the steps in between. It doesn't have to be complex. We've long since abandoned the idea that we must burn it all down or create chaos in order to choose different, better, bigger. I keep an image of the end game so that when you forget, I can remind you. 


A completely new way of thinking about how you do and how you are. Glorious and occasionally fear-inducing. And a requirement for positive change. Sometimes our paradigms are prisons of our own making. Why not break free? (Ha, see you are a rebel.)



Not a bit Pollyanna. More precisely: trust, confidence, belief in the you we know has been there all along. Incontrovertible in the face of self-doubt and cynicism. I've known trauma and despair as well as exhilarating success, as have you. And it's helpful to have a back pocket pick me up.