Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

Here's my deal:

I stand for unconditional love, insane amounts of fun, lives of purpose and relationships with depth and meaning.

I’ve been a speaker, coach, consultant and entrepreneur longer than I have not. For over seventeen years I have motivated people and teams, and most of my professional career, I’ve been able to do this work on my own terms, from the framework of my own business. These days I design/make things as diverse as jewelry, certifications, perfume, online programs, experiential networking, licensing programs and paintings. 

If you’d like to know a bit more about me, I have a youtube channel that's 100% autobiographical. I also write a lot. 

My Values:

1. Freedom. To create, to change, move around the world (and all its different planes), to be turned on and lit up and living in our brilliance.

2. Growth. Learning/changing/expanding/challenging. Always.

3. Connection. We are all one. We might have different ways of expressing it, but we’re all connected.

4. Sustainability. Our economics, our dreams and our earth must support one another in a never ending dance of abundance.

5. Beauty. Makes the world a better place in all its forms. 

6. Joy: Is available to us at any time, if we choose to let it in and let it out. 

7. Fun. Our lives can be full of delight and ease. The struggle may be real but it is not mandatory. 


My Idiosyncrasies: (though I’m so weird I don’t even notice anymore)

1. I love astrology and Jesus. I think of myself as a Christian mystic.

2. I could be in Antarctica and run into a penguin I had lunch with sometime ago. I run into people constantly…all around the world…everywhere I go.

3. I rarely (almost never) wear black. I wear prints, brights, clashing, leopard print. And it makes me so happy.


If you're here, I'm hoping that we get to hang out. 

You are the leaders of commerce and culture. You are visible, driven, passionate, and successful. And you inspire me!

So let’s chill. I can’t wait to get to know you (and your stories) better. 



I love me some email. Lauren at Lauren Fritsch dot com