What are your boldest dreams?


Today I want to declare to you what my biggest baddest dreams are for LifeShifted.


My dreams for this brand are: 


1. To continue to work 1:1 with my clients (who inspire me daily with their own work).


2. To build a bigger community for women entrepreneurs who want to do things in a way that honors their taste, preferences, desired lifestyle and overall balance.


3. To be emotionally authentic in my work.


4. To create parties! Whether they're online or off, I want to curate amazing experiences that both entertain, enlighten, and connect.


5. To have an outlet for my own creativity and defy conventional methods of biz growth and otherwise go my own way.



Those are THE most important things for my business and for myself. It's kinda scary to say them out loud to a group of people.


And yes, I also have the dreams of building LifeShifted to be a sustainable force for myself and my future family. To create amazeballs programs (don't worry, those are in the works), to pack out speaking gigs and write some shit. Yes, those are part of the dream. But those things I put above? Those are the essence. They are more vital (literally, more alive) to me than anything else.


Why are you in business my dear? What are YOUR dreams?