Jealous much? Why the green-eyed monster can be good for you!

greenwithenvyQuick question: How much time have YOU spent browsing websites and book reviews and youtube channels of women (or men) whose businesses/achievements make you absolutely green with envy? I don't know about you, but the little conversation in my head goes something like this:

"I love her blog! I could totally do this. I can't believe she's so successful. I wonder what her Alexa ratings are? I bet they're not that good. Oh shit, they ARE that good. I could totally do that, if I wanted to. I love her blog. But she's not that good. She has how many followers on pinterest?!"

Hahahahahahaha. Fortunately, I can laugh at myself and this ridiculous internal convo too. For the record, some of my fave bloggers/web entrepreneurs have been blogging on the regular for FIVE YEARS. Many of them daily. For FIVE YEARS.

That's a huge commitment and frankly not one that I'm willing to make (nor do I think you have to blog daily in order to create a rabid following).

But the reason this came up for me is that this week I received an assignment from Erika Lyremark (over at the Daily Whip) to give public shout outs to three women of whom I am envious. Anyway, what Erika's assignment brought up for me was that I spend a decent amount of energy in comparison mode. And that judgment (of someone else and of myself) is not super helpful.

What I discovered, though, was that doing my public shout outs yesterday felt GREAT!

I loved celebrating and amping the events and accomplishments of some women who are role models for me. (For the record, I amped Ali Brown, Marie Forleo and Clearly, I'm not quite to the same point in my businesses that these women are.

But this exercise also showed me how I can create some positive momentum just by noticing the objects of my envy.

In fact, envy is a wonderful road sign. It can point you in the direction of your dreams.

When I look at my envies, I ask myself what about this person, her achievements and career, am I drawn to?

What do I want for myself? For my own life?

The answers were pretty telling:

I want a BIG ASS business that empowers women through entrepreneurship. I also want to throw kick ass events and take my peeps on stellar retreats that are as adventurous and beautiful and luxurious as they are life changing. From Emily Schuman's blog ( I realize that I want to take more care with my appearance, have a life full of beauty (and notice it), as well as write more and design clothing.

Now, armed with that good stuff, I can love reading their stuff while working towards my own interpretation of my creative businesses and life without the pangs of envy (or regret over actions not taken).

So today, I encourage YOU to give shout outs to peeps whose businesses you envy and then take the time to dig a little deeper.

Turn that green envy to gold :)