Working Girl: My I Mean Business Outfit!

I love getting dressed for "work." (See post-to-be-created on why I don't use that word very often.)

I am lucky in that I have no dress code, can get away with looking "creative," and really enjoy the process of putting together randomness and calling it an outfit. Or actually, I prefer the term get up.


The Urban Dictionary defines a get up as:

someone's outfit, usually directed to a good looking hizzy. Using this definition, you can see why I, too, would like to be classified as a good looking hizzy.


To that end, here's a picture of me attempting a rather mild version of a get up. (You see, it's got no leopard print and neither extraneous layers nor loud colors. I will try to be better in the future.) I wore this outfit to an asset allocation presentation at an old school joint in Richmond called the Bull & Bear. I doubt anyone's ever worn a real get up there.

If so, it might rival the time at the Yale Club in NYC when a member who was at least 90 years old showed up at the lunch buffet with a guest. He was dressed according to the (still rather strict) code in a grey pinstriped suit. His guest was wearing a bright pink Juicy sweatsuit (oh yes, hoodie and pants) with matching fake nails. She was all of 25? And that's generous.

The place fell silent. The eating stopped. Mouths dropped open. Assumptions were made. And no one asked her to leave or change her clothing. (I got caught on the wrong side of the no jeans rule more than once. C'mon YC! Dark denim is dressy!)


Anyway, when in Rome, right? So this is essentially my attempt to be corporate. Hahahahahahahaha. The deetz: