Chillin and Chillen and Cookies That Look Like Burgers

Hope you had a wondermous weekend!


Sometimes I don't really want to wear real clothes. They can be so uncomfy sometimes!


So on those days, I pull on the lazy girl's answer to jeans: jeggings!


Add a really soft tank top that is FIERCE and an cozy cashmere sweater/wrap thingy and I feel like I'm wearing lululemon stretch pants but I don't look like it. Brilliant. You can tell that my accessories (the kids) are digging the look. If you wonder where your local Rent-A-Kid is (make no mistake, men are subconsciously attracted to moms), just hightail it over to your friend's house. You know, she of the twins. I promise she'll let you borrow them for a minute.


No really, these little ones are the adorable progeny of my friend and biz partner-in-crime Racheal Cook, the Yogipreneur! 


All you biznass owners out there stay tuned because she and I have some fun things coming your way. In the meantime, please enjoy our pictures from our impromptu Friday meeting.