Brilliant Marketing from!?

Yes. Here's what you can learn from Rose Red and Lavender, a Brooklyn-based floral design shop.

Have personality!

So many people (especially B2B companies) think they have to be boring and dry and devoid of a sense of humor or personality in order to "do marketing." 

But let me assure you, those companies that adopt a persona are memorable! 

For example: 

How good is this Mother's Day email? First, the use of the word funky. Now, funky is a little old school but it totally works in this context and sets us up for something other than the usual teleflora tulip arrangements you'll see on floral design sites all over the country this week.

And then?

She follows up funky with MILF. See that? Kimberly assumes that the mother in your life is a MILF. Harkening back to the 2000s and American Pie (I'd guess that she's my age...) that term is funny and flattering and maybe a tad creepy if you're looking for florals for your actual mom.

But creepy is last after funny and flattering! 

Finally, she delivers with the arrangements: Hot Mama, Purple Rain (an ode to Prince obvs), and Wild Style. 

Gorgeous, unusual arrangements for discerning, witty and stylish mums and those who love them.

Don't you want to be in that club? I know I do.

N.B. Do not take for granted that her quality is unparalleled. We sent a Rose Red and Lavender arrangement to one of Justin's dear friends who needed a pick-me-up and she said they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever received and that they lasted weeks. 

If you have no personality, people, go run to the store and buy some.