Currently Obsessed With: This cardio dance video and this exercise app

So I'm a new mom. And new moms don't leave the house, brush their hair/teeth, eat regularly or exercise.*

Until I committed to it (with the help of my hubs). 

We have started working out at home. And guess what!? (Says the former gym rat...) It's so much fun! 

Here's what we're doing:

The Body Weight App.

This app is awesome for giving you simple exercises using, you guessed it, body weight! 

You can do them anywhere, anytime. We mostly do them in our PJs and barefoot. You can do a lot (advanced and an hour of exercise) or a little (novice level and 8 minutes). 

Here's what you get: 4 different exercises in rotation, 20 seconds on and 10 second off per exercise. You choose how many "blocks" of 4 you want. We tend to do 16 minutes. 

Even though I was a college athlete, Pilates/yoga instructor and have worked out with Olympians, I'm learning new exercises! And it's way more fun with a buddy.

Ok, now for the FUN part. 

These fab girls Vanessa and Nicole created a fabulous healthy lifestyle magazine called Bonberi. (Vanessa is also behind ModelFit one of my fave workouts in NYC!) And Bonberi featured this amazing cardio dance instructor Katia Pryce

So here's what I do in the middle of the day after a desk session or in between client calls: I dance by booty off!! I'm getting better at the choreography in this one and by the end of the week I think I'll have it down. 

I've never had so much fun getting fit! (Except for ice skating lessons. I just started and they are great!)


*Add to that list go to the bathroom and shower and it pretty much sums up this whole amazing phase known as having an infant. Unless of course you are supermom and you manage to do all that and breastfeed and make organic meals. Then I want what you're drinking/smoking.

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