Work is a Gift and Turning Towards What You Desire

Today I opened a client's email to find some handwritten pages from her journal, noodlings about where she'd like to go with her business, what she'd like to do with her life, who she really wants to be, how she desires to feel on a daily basis.

When I started out on this path (to be an entrepreneur and creator and coach), I did it mostly because I really didn't like the jobs I had tried out. And it hurt so much to stay in a conventional schedule, selling tons of units of jeans or dresses. So I turned towards a different path out of aversion towards something else.

And here I am, ten years later (c'mon, a decade people?!?!?!) and doing this work is something I turn towards in amazement.Emails like the one I mention above remind me again how special it is that many people over the years have trusted me with their experiences. With the sacred task of helping them be more true to themselves and to their divine paths. 

They trust me with their biggest dreams and some of their most massive heart breaks. They let me exercise my greatest gifts in service of their own. 

This is a most excellent place to be. I am so grateful to you all for participating in your lives and our world by jumping in so wholeheartedly to explore and challenge and grow. 

Lauren FritschComment