When do you feel lit up, turned on, en fuego?

I often feel most lit up at yoga retreats, like this one in Tulum 2013. 

I often feel most lit up at yoga retreats, like this one in Tulum 2013. 

When do you feel really "on?"  

What are the scenarios and situations that light you up? When you feel like the very best version of yourself? 

For me, I can think of some specific times that have felt UH-MAZING.  

The times that I've felt most lit up generally involve yoga and/or meditation, often times the ocean or mountains or nature of some sort. One really amazing time was during my wedding vows. (I had tried so hard to pre-write them but it turned out that saying what was on my heart felt the best.)

Other times of flow include movement or creative pursuits- when I am walking or swimming or floating or painting or dancing. 

Flow also occurs for me when I'm on stage during a talk. I love speaking and come alive during the process. It's the same feeling I get when I have a really amazing client session too- one that feels like I got out of my way and let something bigger and better happen that helps my client in a profound way.

And a few magical times in my life a dinner with friends or someone special has been perfect- perfect wine, temperature, food, setting, conversation. 

I think it's important to reflect on those things/events/activities that bring out the best in who we are. 

The very actions and events and activities that light us up are the keys to unlocking our connection with ourselves and with other people, with our clients and with our purpose here on this planet. 

If you want to make your work (the kind that pays you) coincide with your life's work, you must know what makes you come alive.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm destined to be a professional float-in-the-water yoga teacher or water colorist or dinner companion just because those are times when I am in flow.

What I am saying is that those times of flow put us in touch with our infinity. They give us access to deeper parts of ourselves and the messages those parts hold IF we are willing to pay attention. 

And they can guide how you spend your precious time. 

While knocking out your to-do list is incredibly important, as are feeding yourself and making sure that you take care of those you love, bringing elements of flow into your daily (and certainly weekly) round can make an impact in ways as yet unseen and unknowable.
Instead of seeing your "light up" experiences as diversions, flukes, play time or wastes of time, why not consciously incorporate them into your schedule and see what then lights up for you? 

Soooo, what lights you up? (ahhh now it's back to normal)

What are you gonna do to light yourself up this week? 


P.S. if you would like to see the slides from my recent talk at SXSWV2V, just click here. It's about how to use meditation to innovate in your business! 

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