I judge you on the caliber of your telesummit guests

That's Derek and I (doing our best Blue Steel) just after I interviewed him for Social Media Week in NYC.

That's Derek and I (doing our best Blue Steel) just after I interviewed him for Social Media Week in NYC.

 It's live! 

I'm excited for the next Masterclass installment geared towards solo entrepreneurs who want to attract more high profile peeps to speak at their events.


This class is important because (IMHO) the telesummit is dying a slow death.


How's a savvy entrepreneur going to stand out? By having the most kick ass roster of peeps possible, that's how! 


We're often telesummited ad nauseum and I must say that I will judge you by the caliber of your guests.


Superficial? Perhaps. What the rest of consumers will do? You betcha.


Let me give you an example.


A while back I received an email promoting a telesummit from two ladies whose brand I thought was decent, whose message was good. 


But when I clicked through to their telesummit sales page, not only did they not have any major players, but also most of their guests didn't even have a professional headshot!?* 


Immediately I knew the realm they were playing in: amateur-land. 


That may sound harsh but the average potential buyer WILL judge you based on who graces your telesummit and event stages. 


And while you don't have to follow the telesummit model to a T, you can still align yourself with some luminaries in your field to:

  1. Boost your own profile
  2. Provide unique and valuable content to your audience
  3. Learn from some experts who have gone before you

That alignment can come in the form of guest blog posts, skype interviews, actual sit down interviews, coffee dates, twitter love, attendance at your events, speaking at your events and yes, appearing on your telesummit and mailing for you.


But how's a random entrepreneur going to access the likes of your business idols?


That, my friends, is the subject of my next Masterclass.

Go here to learn more about how to get high profile peeps to speak at your events and to get your ticket!


*Please get a pro headshot if you have an online business. It doesn't have to be pricey. 

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