Currently Obsessed With: Michael Lewis

No doubt you've heard of his books because you've heard of his movies.

Moneyball, the Blind Side, the Big Short.

I started with the Big Short because I live in NYC and because I had my head up my ass during the 2008 crisis. It didn't impact me until a fateful day in 2009...but that's a different story!

In any case, my hubs is into finance because he's a product manager for trading systems so his head is in the markets. I also just felt that for my own financial IQ it was time to learn more about the wide world of Wall Street.

Enter the Big Short. Then I picked up Liar's Poker and have been fighting Justin to read his library copy of Lewis' newest page turner, Flash Boys, about the insider world of high-frequency trading. 

Now, if you're already starting to fall asleep because you read the word finance, you gotta pick up a Michael Lewis book.

This guy is a genius story teller. While he's certainly honed his craft since his debut (Liar's Poker), all of his books explain Wall Street in layman's terms and they are great stories! He paints pictures of wild characters and gives me a contextual look at a world that I live smack in the middle of.

Go read his books! You're welcome. 


Lauren FritschComment