The Marketing Tool that Changed the Way I Do Business

At this point in my career I'm more than a little skeptical of marketing gurus and teachers offering "the foolproof solution to more money than God! It's so easy!" 

Ack, that reminds me that I got comped an $800 ticket to go to some girls' event here in NYC where she was sharing her business building genius. Her favorite phrase was, "It's so freaking easy!"

And, that's not really the case!

Marketing takes trial and error, tweaking/iteration, knowing thyself, knowing your customer, systemization, and some dumb luck. 

I remember buying my first ever infoproduct on how to create an online business and $1500 later, it was basically a tutorial on creating a blog, newsletter, facebook page and that's about it. 

Wah wah. 

So when I do run across a marketing tool that actually works, I want to share.

Today's video is about my friend Beth Grant's Archetype Alignment Grid.

I interviewed Beth about the Grid last spring during Reverence + Revenue and since then she's expanded the Grid and it's gone viral.

If you check it out, you'll see why.

The Grid is not about one-size-fits-all. It's not about the latest and greatest gimmick. It's not about click baiting in order to drive traffic and conversion.

The Archetype Alignment Grid is about knowing yourself and knowing what works for you and for the people you're wanting to reach. 

Then, it's about sticking with it!

Finding my place on the Archetype Alignment Grid helped me get rid of the things in my marketing calendar that were a waste of time and draining. It's helped me focus on what is truly important and generative. 

Above all, it's helped me have fun in my business again! 

So, watch my video about my experience with the Grid and then go download your own! 

Let me know which box(es) you are in too. I'm so curious!