Do you Pomodoro?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's always happy to be more productive in less time. 

Here are my productivity basics: 

  1. Clear goals broken into baby steps.
  2. Lists (whether written or in digital).
  3. Uni-tasking. Yeah, the opposite of multi-tasking works for me!
  4. Small rewards. Dance parties, nail painting, sunning on the deck. Whatevs gets you in gear.
  5. Segment intending. Setting an intention for your time with purpose and consciousness.

But a not-so-new tool that I first heard about via my lifehacker-loving hubs is Pomodoro.

Last week while at Spa de Kacy, we got things done by Pomodoro-ing. And no, that doesn't mean we made lots of tomato sauce!

Pomodoro is a productivity tool that breaks your time into 30 minute blocks: 25 for the productivity and 5 for a break. 

You can download a Pomodoro timer for your phone and go to town (or just set your egg timer on the kitchen counter). 

So, how do you Pomodoro? Do you get more done when you use the timer? 


Lauren FritschComment