Currently Obsessed With: BITE lip colors

I love lip colors but I have been on my organic jam for years now, especially when it comes to lip color. 

After all, I lick my lips, eat with my lipstick on and otherwise ingest whatever I put on my lips on a daily basis.

And, get this: 100% of conventional lipsticks (and one color from Burt's Bees) tested positive for LEAD in a 2012 study.

So I was super excited to toss the last of my Dior Addict and Chanel Glossimers in favor of Tarte lip colors and my new fave brand: BITE.

Bite Beauty offers a gorgeous range of colors and textures that are all made of food grade ingredients safe enough to swallow! 

And if you're in NYC, you can have your fave color from another brand replicated at their Beauty Lab in Soho! 

You can buy Bite online at Sephora. Happy lipsticking! 



Lauren FritschComment