I did it my way: Lauren Imparato

This is Lauren teaching thousands in Barcelona. In espanol. Lauren Imparato is a client, friend, teacher and all-around bad ass. A woman who graduated from Princeton to the floors of the New York Stock Exchange, Lauren gave up the high flying world of finance to open...a yoga studio. In yoga-saturated Manhattan. Right after the crash.

If that doesn't leave you scratching your head and wondering about her sanity, her next moves surely will.

Lauren completed her yoga training, dove into the art and science of teaching, took some crazy sexy photos, and created an edgy, in-your-face style of yoga that blends booming beats with innovative flows to launch her lifestyle brand I.Am.You.

Now taking the world (and yes, I do mean world- see photo here) by storm, Lauren combines her serious business chops, her facility with sticky branding and her own soulful style to achieve world domination (of the yogic variety).

She gets regular peeps to chant and om and meditate!? Work it girl.

We're going to rap about doing your business in a way that's true to you, how to banish the haters, and the grand vision of true leaders.

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