Customer Experience: The Hottest Topic for 2013 w/ Victoria Prozan

Victoria Prozan

Okey dokey, so you've heard of UX and UI (user experience and user interface if you are not a tech geek), but I proffer here that the Next Big Thing in online marketing (and really commerce of all kinds) will be CX. Customer Experience.

I think Zappos and are prime examples of CX being an integral part of the process. I also talked on my SXSW Recap about Phil Libin of Evernote describing Culture as the Product of businesses.*

What does that MEAN for business owners and leaders? CX means that every single touchpoint a consumer has with your brand needs to matter. To you. Because it certainly matters to your customer.

And what does this mean for Reverence + Revenue? Well, to help me break it down I'm going to chat with Victoria Prozan- an amazing creative, designer, strategist and CX expert whose own work redefines our expectations for info products and services.

After all, if a brand is authentic (and authenticity is vital for both Reverence and Revenue) then it needs to be authentic everywhere. Down to the smallest detail.

And that is Victoria's jam. This is the woman who designed a book about the US Constitution and placed every word of that living document on the cover. Details? She's all about 'em.

And she's all about helping business owners pay attention to the details that matter. Luxurious Customer Experience. Let's call it LCX for short :)

If you haven't yet snagged a seat for Reverence + Revenue, go here! 





* This means that a company's culture is going to be so integral to the product/service they provide as to be inseparable.