Reverence + Revenue = Biz w/ Soul

REVERENCEREVENUE_Banner The whole idea for this event, Reverence + Revenue, came out of a conversation with Danielle LaPorte last summer.

When Racheal Cook and I interviewed her for our Mo' Money Mo' Time Mo' Fun virtual retreat, I never expected it to birth this!

But here it is (finally) and I'm very excited to share this thought process with you. You see, business may be a lot of numbers. Buying and selling stuff or services. And it may even be "serious business" because people's (and their families') livelihoods depend on business.

But when all is said and done, most of the people I get to work with (in bigger companies and smaller startups) are in their line of work for more than a paycheck or part ownership or prestige.

You're doing the work you're doing for several reasons.

1. You believe in being of service. You want your work (at least some facet of it) to have hand in the Greater Good.

2. You value growth. (Both of the internal, psychological type and of the external, market-share variety.) And you're willing to work on yourself to grow both.

3. You are risk takers. You face fear. You experience it. And you frequently act anyway, or you may even make fear your friend.

4. You are visionary. You love a big picture. You have grand ideas and enjoy seeing them fulfilled.

5. You appreciate the small things. You see the symmetry of a flower opening. You embrace the silence before answering a tough question.

6. You are creative. You cannot exist (pain-free) without bringing your ideas into the world.

7. You seek meaning. You might have a different name for it. But you ask the bigger questions and make space for the biggest answers.

8. You see commerce as a conduit. Your form of capitalism is not just a quid pro quo. It is service, growth, creation, meaning- all that and so much more- wrapped in the day-to-day appearance of your business.


So I invite you to join me for two days to explore the intersection of Reverence + Revenue, of Soul and Cash. I can't wait for the party to start!

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