Danielle LaPorte: The no-holds-barred unedited interview!

In case you didn't make it to last summer's Virtual Retreat, it was fab! (and don't worry- I've got another one coming up in April!) And, to get you excited about it, I have decided to release the exclusive Danielle LaPorte interview. Mind you, she was on a strict media fast during this interview- her feeds were dark, she wasn't posting (and she'll cover why in the talk).

But she made an exception to chat with us! And boy were the revelations wonderful!

Watch the full interview un-cut below. Excerpts coming at ya too!

If you're not familiar with Danielle's work, she's the author of the Fire Starter Sessions and the creator of the Desire Map. She works with women entrepreneurs to dream big and live lives that are en fuego (those are my words).

Watch it. You'll love it. Promise.