Are You No Where? Or Are You Now, Here?


Little update on the goals tracker-- the big ass white board seems to be working. I have a few spots where I really need to crank up my hours (writing on a book, doing some of my coach training), but more or less, I'm staying on track. HOO-RAY.


And now, waxing philosophical on a Monday morning, per yoozsh.*

It is 10:54 am. I am STILL having a good hair day. (Thanks to my self-blow-out on Saturday pre-wedding shower.)

I went nearly an entire weekend without thinking about work (or doing work). This is good. I was able to be present and in the Now, Here of life (get it? Now, Here is also NOWHERE. I know where I'd rather be...) which is really good because that means that (with the exception of some minor time annoyances due to spring break traffic on 95)** I got to enjoy the company of the people around me.


It's so much more fun that way!


(Talking to myself now...) Remember when you used to be so caught up in whatever crisis*** you had going in your life and constantly ran scenarios, calculations, made assumptions and otherwise projected (into the future) or festered (about the past) to such an extent that you were always NOWHERE instead of Now, Here? Remember?


Ah yes, I do remember. Sometimes I hit that NOWHERE spot for a few minutes or seconds but rarely am I in it for days like I used to be.


Which means that my days are WAY freaking better. This is a useful tool, I think to myself. I must share it.


* Yes, that is how I have officially decided to spell the abbreviation of the word usual. If you have a better combo of letters, you let me know.

** thanks to writing this post I now know that I will never be annoyed about time again because I can only be Now, Here. ah that feels better. Will let you know how that goes...

*** And by crisis I mean: paying the bills that are a month away, saving for retirement (decades away), deciding which coat to get, wondering if that spot on my arm is cancerous and when I will die, freaking out about what I said to the juice bar girl and that maybe now she hates me, wondering if/when he is gonna call, where I am going to live in five years...... you get the idea.