A little graphic about who I work with.

My clients are hard to pin down demographically. What you all have in common are different combinations of these elements:

  • Intense desire to achieve something great.

  • A thriving business or career that has garnered you attention and the world's definition of success.

  • Dissatisfaction with where you currently are compared to where you'd like to go, even though you're already awesome (see above).

  • Insatiable curiosity about life and experiences and people.

  • Incredible drive to achieve whatever you set out for yourself.

  • Leadership in your sphere of influence. When you speak, others listen.

  • A seeker's heart. You learn, integrate, iterate constantly.

  • A chameleon-like quality that allows you to navigate seemingly different worlds with ease.

  • High risk tolerance. You love thrills. Almost too much.

  • An ability to make friends in all kinds of situations.

  • Intelligence that can't be taught. Wisdom that required experience to gain.

  • A subtle knowing that whispers, "There is more here for you."

What do we work on?

I've honed my methodology over years of working with executives, CEOs, authors, politicians, and entrepreneurs of all stripes. While my process is individualized, I do have method to the madness. Here's a rough outline of how it all goes down:

1. Your definition of success. How you define success drives how you achieve it.

2. Your dreams, goals and desires in the near term and the mid-term (for your personal and your professional life).

3. Assessment. How are you showing up as a leader, lover, citizen of the world? What is getting in your way?

4. Strategic plan. The road map to external achievement and internal satisfaction.

5. Movement through the plan and overcoming challenges as they appear.

6. Mindset tools for taking your game to the next level.

7. Unflinching honesty with how you show up for yourself and others when the going gets tough.

8. Self-care in action. The elements of taking care of your physical self to support your goals.

9. Challenging the beliefs that no longer serve you...and letting them go.

10. Integrating your new road map into your teams and corporate culture.

11. Business modeling and marketing strategy to support your goals.

12. External shifts that reflect your internal changes. (Oh yes, there is often a shopping trip.)

13. Celebration- the best part. And it happens throughout the process.

My clients have come from these industries:

I work with clients in several different ways. You can learn a little more about working with me here.

I find it easiest to see if we're a fit by having an initial conversation (though some of you decisive types will have already made the decision to go for it).

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