3 Pointers at the Buzzer and What Really Counts



I would remiss if I did not include the last paragraph (alas didn't screenshot that bc it would reveal identity).

Here it is:


"btw, you are from NC, so you should understand - I am also inspired by another Duke - UNC classic! 3-pt-er with less than 1 second left!

Duke takes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The last line of that email is what is so incredibly poignant. Because yesterday I sat with my biz partner Racheal Cook and we cooked up (gah sorry- not really though) some amazing stuff for our peeps yesterday. We can be a little ADD when we get together so our new video dude was watching us back and forth like a ping pong ball type thing. Anyway, we ARE cooking up some fun stuff: for women entrepreneurs fo shizzle and for millionaire men who want love of course, and plotting fun things that we'll do with our families and friends too.


And when I got home from our mega-productive planning session, a case of the "Whoa that's too big-s" came on.


I thought, "Holy moly we are two ambitious bi-atches. Is it too much? Should we scale back? What about x, y, z? (Literally, those are variables, people.)"


And so, when that kind of thing happens, I do a couple things: shop (check- great outfit for V day party in NYC from Asos & I went to Kroger), exercise (check- got out and walked), and sleep (check- bedtime at 10 pm).


Fortunately, my dreams made some sense, and I woke up to this email.


So I will leave you with that last line. We can not hear it too much.