12 Parties in 2012!

I haven't really made a resolution this year. But I am now. And it's this: I resolve to host 12 parties in 2012. One per month, give or take.


Possibly to coincide with seasonal celebrations (hence my Epiphany party yesterday evening).


And I'm already dreaming of Valentine's Day.


The Party Activity will be the Proust Questionnaire. and then we'll be able to learn about one another in addition to drinking champs and wine and wearing head-to-toe pink!


The intention behind the party throwing is this: there's something lovely about opening my home (and personal space) to people I know and love and to people who are new (and whom I might very well come to know and love). I also enjoy seeing worlds collide. Richmond, more so than other places, is a small town full of criss-crossing networks. Instead of six degrees of separation, it's more like two.


I like the conversations, getting dressed up, and let's be honest, it forces me to clean up (both before and after said party). It's a structure that keeps me accountable! Thank goodness I don't tend to shove stuff in closets before the guests come over :)


Finally, my place is way better than a bar! I mean, it is the home of Orange Crush, after all.


March is St. Patty's, April is my bday, May has many reasons to celebrate, June can be Gatsby-esque, July is all about our Founding Fathers, August...hmmm is just hot and humid in RIC. September is "back to school" whether you're in the classroom or not, October is COSTUMES, November is gratitude and December will be here again before we know it.


In writing this I realize, too, that parties are rituals. They give us memories and meaning and comfort and connection.


I hope I never stop throwing parties.