If I ruled the world...

I would wear bikinis and kaftans almost exclusively. With insane gold/gemstone jewelry, gold shoes and a great fragrance. This is not a new fantasy.

And in spite of my fair complexion*, this ideal ensemble will most likely require a sunny, waterfront locale. So I guess that I'll also be sporting truckloads of sunscreen. Unless what they say about the primal diet is true.**

So, here are some picks:


And to go with it...


And if feeling a tad less glam:


And to continue the tribal feel...


this one is for when you've overindulged:


And to go with it:


And, while I do know that it's January and freezing cold for most of you, I am writing this from the relative comfort of rainy season Bermuda where the water is not nearly as cold as you might think. Peace and love and kaftans and bikinis in the new year.



* I currently burn in about t minus five minutes.

** That even pale, pasty white people no longer need sunscreen after mere weeks eating mostly meat and veggies. Yes, you have now ascertained my New Year's resolution.