How to get photographed by the Sartorialist

I just met my new friend DAB and I was so excited to learn that he has been photographed not once, but TWICE by Sart.

How cool is that??

And really, he's cool whether or not a famous street-style blogger takes his pic.

When I met him, he had rolled up jeans, LL Bean duck boots and a faded green windbreaker on.

I could eat him up :)

To up his coolness quotient, he rides his bike over the bridge from Williamsburg to Manhattan daily and is one of the kindest people I've ever met. Here's how his style caught the Sart's eye:

1. Little quirks. DAB makes the most out of little details: the forearm tattoo, the zipper in the jeans, an interesting lining.

2. Classic pieces with a story. He sports Nantucket reds, oxford shirts, and boat shoes without looking even remotely pretentious, like a douchebag or too "done."

Mainly because much of the aforementioned is frayed, faded, or otherwise in some state of disrepair that is somehow charming.

He is the Preppy Handbook's dream I tell ya.

3. His clothes fit. Men in cities everywhere take note. A well-fitting men's shirt is hottttttt.

4. Grooming! A man with a beard need not look unkempt. Enough said. And no need to Bic that chest hair. Thank goodness.


So, if you're a dude who's jonesing to get photographed by Scott, hang out in Nolita/Soho with your own brand of sartorial cool and it just might happen...


Oh yes, and wearing a scarf doesn't hurt either.