4 Ways to Beat a Cold

With the changing of the seasons, lots of people are getting colds and (I hope not) the flu.

And I'm no exception, even though I eat all kinds of weird (healthy!) junk and take all kinds of vitamins and other supplements.*


So on Sunday, I found myself with a little bit of a scratchy throat. In the past, that would mean at least three days of sick-in-bed-ness and green snot, and lots of tissues strewn about.**


Thankfully, my dad introduced me to some stuff that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. So here it is, Mr. Ray's illness antidote:


1. ACF Immune Support formula from Buried Treasure. This stuff tastes rather interesting, boasts mega amounts of vitamin C as well as a whole host of good herbals, minerals, and mushroom extracts. ACF is probably the key to the entire cold/flu counter-attack. I swig it (yes, straight from the bottle, though when I first got it and wasn't yet used to the taste, I put it in shot glasses and had a chaser nearby) multiple times a day and try to finish an entire bottle in a day or two.


2. Lymphatonic is an herbal that you can get in capsule or liquid form. It helps your lymph glands clear out fluid and can ease swollen tonsils. This one doesn't win any taste awards either, hence the capsule option. It has huge amounts of echinacea and some other good stuff!


3. Aromabar's Formula 3 is a solid jar of aromatherapy goodness. I take it on planes so I'm the weird girl opening a jar and sniffing it periodically to keep my sinuses clear and in some weird way I feel like it protects me from all the germies floating around on planes. It also, conveniently, clears out stuffy noses, eases sinus pressure and smells really darn good. You can get it in Richmond at Ellwood and Whole Foods or online (it's made by a local company).


4. Honey Lemon Throat Comfort tea. It must be served in a tea cup, possibly with real lemon and a tiny bit of honey too. Ahhhhh this is cozy in a cup.


So there you have it folks: the reason I barely get sick anymore. I like to have these remedies on hand so that I don't even have to go to the doctor.


Hope this helps you stay healthy so that you can jump in leaf piles, make delicious muffins, wear scarves for fun and style (not because you don't want to catch a cold, and otherwise enjoy immensely this season!





*Ask me about HPC Green one day.

**I'm a really bad sickie. I whine and want ice cream and to be taken care of and for my gross tissues not to matter. Good thing I live alone.