UGG, It's Fall!

Love the Uggs Full disclosure people: I used to be an UGG hater. I was that self-righteous bi-atch who sneered at passing girls (and women) with their Uggs and leggings at all hours of the day and night. To my defense, my Ugg displeasure is increased by the concurrent wearing of Juicy sweat suits.


Still, every time I saw a pair of Uggs, I said, "Ugh."


Until 2009.


I purchased a pair of brown cardi Uggs at Nordstrom in Tyson's Corner, VA. And barely took them off. Sadly, I was an UGGs neophyte and did not know to purchase one size (or more) smaller than I usually wear. After only a year my UGGs were so huge that I could barely keep them on my feet unless I wore 2+ pairs of socks!


My pristine UGGs left for the JR League thrift store, and I was UGG-less for quite some time.


Until this summer (yes, summer!) in San Francisco* when I purchased not one but TWO** pairs of UGGs at the UGG store downtown.


Still, I feel a little sheepish each time I wear my UGGs, but then I wiggle my toesies  and my sheepishness disappears in the cozy sheepskin.***


And then, one of my favorite bloggers ever. Actually, my most favorite, posted this video:



I admit to being an upper middle class East Coast woman. And will proudly sport my Uggs all winter long.****

* People, it is freaking cold in SF in the summertime. You, too, would be buying UGGs.

** Please let the record show that one pair of my purchased went to my dearest friend and Soul Sister Siddiqi Ray who now wears said UGGs all over the world.

*** Extra cheese please.

**** Without a Juicy Couture sweatsuit, fyi.