Three Janes Makeup Brushes!

Oh My GOSH!!!! It is not every day that I get to have my makeup done by a Hollywood makeup artist. (The very talented and super lovely Leilani Baker.)

And it's not every day that I get to have my pictures taken my Soul Portrait photographer Siddiqi Ray.

Aside from the gorgeous head shots I received from that experience, I also had the opportunity to use and purchase the most amazing makeup brushes ever.


Now, if you are still using the little spongey things that come with your makeup, you. must. stop. now. You are really doing your face a disservice. Besides making you look even better (and often much more natural), good makeup brushes are a sensory joy to use.


If you do have makeup brushes, whether they are from Sonia Kushuk or MAC or Laura Mercier (I have used all of those and paid between $10 and $50 for each brush), you. must. stop. now.


Because once you use Three Janes, you won't EVER want to go back.

They are in talks with a MAJOR department store about carrying them (can't tell who just yet), and you can visit their website to learn more. AND, if you want to buy some? Just email me. I'll hook you up to the Janes! These retail for $200 but I'm getting a special deal...$100 for all six plus posh and professional carrying case.

They'll make great Christmas prezzies and holler bridesmaids- what nice bride will gift her girls with these?


I bought the basic set that comes with:

1. powder/blush brush

2. highlight/contour brush

3. eyeliner/brow brush

4. lip brush

5. shadow brush

6. crease brush

All in one of these gorge leather cases:





Hugs and brushes,