You're invited to experience how CX can 2x to 5x your conversion without spending a dime in paid traffic. 

Customer Experience. CX.  Brand Experience. 

What is it really? In my model of CX, I see it as the #1 way to convert traffic and leads to paying customers without spending any money on advertising. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn't- here's how I discovered that CX is the foundation of all conversion:

A few years ago, I had the privilege of working with one of New York City's premier real estate websites. Now, if you're unfamiliar with the landscape of NYC real estate, let me share with you a bit: it's insane.

One transaction can yield multiple six and often seven figures in commission for brokers (and therefore their parent companies). 

My client had a challenge- how to convert incoming website traffic to actually purchasing an apartment through the preferred brokers. They used a combo of email and phone calls to establish rapport, explain the process and connect each potential buyer with a broker. 

When we started out, they had about a 10% response rate to the first email which is actually not that bad in email marketing, but for their purposes meant they were leaving a TON of money on the table and losing 90% of potential buyers in the first interaction.

So here's what we did: we mapped out all of the different kinds of prospective buyers- their fears and dreams related to the purchase process, where they lived in the world, and their approximate age and preferred methods of communication all based on my Magnetic Customer Experience model.

Then I re-wrote the templates for every potential email the internal sales team might want to send to a prospective buyer. We followed that up with new phone call protocol (and introduced bullet points instead of word-for-word call scripts). 

The immediate result was overwhelmingly positive. 

Prospects were responding to emails 5 to 6x more frequently than before! That's a 500 to 600% increase in engagement that typically led to a 2x increase in site visitors actually buying a home through a preferred broker. And two times many millions of dollars is, well, a lot of money. 

The internal sales team was happy, the brokers were happy, the CEO was happy and certainly I was ecstatic to discover that my model really worked. 

But could I do it again? 

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES!

Since that first CX client, I've been able to help a variety of other businesses 2x-5x their conversion without spending extra money on paid traffic.

Now, if you already have an advertising budget, that's great. Think of CX as your campfire. You start with the very basics- rubbing two sticks together- and build it up so it's a steady blaze. THEN when you add paid traffic, that's like pouring kerosene onto the fire- it just goes wild. 

Here's the thing: it's easier to CX your business when you already have clients because they can give you all the data you need to create beautifully aligned marketing, content and sales processes created just for them. 

So, are you a small business owner who wants to use CX to grow your business?

Do you wish you had better conversion on your website?

Are you longing for people to buy without always having to speak with you? 

I created this program for you. Until recently, only a handful of small biz owners have used my proprietary methods. Racheal Cook used it to inform her massively successful rebrand that resulted in Sweet Spot Strategy and Amber McCue is using it for her newest amazing yet-to-be-revealed launch. 

But other than those two lucky ladies, I've only worked with larger companies using this methodology. 

Until now.* 

This February, I invite to join me for CX $ELLS, a group program for small business owners who want to increase conversion by putting the customer first. 

This is a small group experience that echoes the same exact process I have used with my corporate CX clients. We'll go step by step through my model for CX and then test results. 

It'll be mostly online for accessibility but will involve two separate day long intensives in New York City if you can make it (those will also be livestreamed so don't worry). 

Here's what the program looks like: 

First, you'll pick a product or service to focus on for the duration of the course. You can also pick your overall brand as your product or service.

Then, each week for 12 weeks, we'll have an online workshop followed by a tailored to-do list to hash out your business's unique CX arcs. 

Here's the list of topics by week: 

Week One: Customer Surveys

Week Two: Customer Interviews and collating data

Week Three: Creating Protagonists

Week Four: Chart CX Arcs and NYC Day! 

Week Five: Chart CX Arcs

Week Six: Pull Through- how does each arc impact brand, content, funnels? 

Week Seven: Strategizing changes

Week Eight: Branding/copy changes and NYC Day! 

Week Nine: Content creation changes

Week Ten: Execution Week

Week Eleven: Assess results

Week Twelve: Feedback and Tweak

BONUS Week: CX Graduation Party in NYC! 


If this is sounding interesting to you, I invite you to ask yourself these questions:


Q. How ready am I to have an overall strategic approach that informs every aspect of my business- from email and content marketing to social, paid traffic, packaging, on-boarding and service delivery? 

My Magnetic CX model provides a foundation for all other business activities. It's ideal if you feel your marketing has gotten a little piece meal or if you're not seeing the results you once were. Once you take the program, you can use the model on your own for any new products and services you launch- forever!


Q. To what extent am I in business to sell sell sell vs. put the customer's needs/wants before my own? 

CX is a very customer-centric model. We put her needs and desires first in a way that can seem unfamiliar and even uncomfortable to some entrepreneurs.


Q. Am I looking for a "magic bullet" to make up for lack of clarity around product/service? 
If you answer yes to this one, perhaps this program isn't a fit. You might need to work with more customers before taking the next step with CX. This process is ideal for those who have a critical mass of experience working with clients because that experience informs the entire CX arc. 


Q. How committed am I to acting on the data that comes up as a result of the CX process, even and especially if it runs counter to conventional marketing wisdom and/or how I've done things before? 

This process is iconoclastic. It breaks rules. It confronts best practices sometimes and says do the exact opposite. If you're a rule follower or want to hew to another set of principles, this program might not be the place for you. 


Ok, if you've gotten this far, thank you! I'm so honored you're interested in joining this small group of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating amazing, Magnetic Customer Experience!

I have packages for this program starting at around $3000. That's crazy reasonable I know! The next step is to pop your information in the form below and then I'll reach out to set up a time for us to chat once I've reviewed your information.

Prior to our chat, I'll send you a Program Discernment document with more details, all the important dates, pricing and payment options. 

It's called the Discernment doc because I invite you to use it to help you make an informed and strategic decision that's in alignment with your business goals this year. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 


P.S. If you have no freaking clue who I am or what I'm about- check out this page and this page. 

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* LOL I have to thank Janet Hoang of Janet Gwen Designs (go check her out ya'll) for pushing me to do this. So snaps to Janet!!