As a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman, one of the main reasons I have my own businesses is so that I can constantly shift gears and work on those projects and with those clients that are most interesting to me.


And so, I've had the privilege and honor of being able to delve into a variety of businesses across industries and get my hands dirty.


Current projects include: 

  • Customer acquisition and on-boarding for prominent NYC real estate website
  • Sales team training on luxury selling skills for NYC-based phone sales group
  • Front end design, UX, customer acquisition and on-boarding for software in B2C space
  • Sales strategy and organizational development for enterprise creative team selling front and backend development and app services 
  • Coaching and strategy for author and speaker


A partial list of past projects includes:

  • Design and source production for a luxury hand bag collection in Italy
  • Help a tech team do their due diligence, create a minimum viable product and then turn around and sell it to those who initially provided feedback
  • Craft an entirely new sales process for a technology firm
  • Advise leadership teams as they navigate personnel changes during rapid growth phases
  • Launch a well-known Spanish RTW label in the US
  • Assess and create Individual Development Plans for employees and exec teams
  • Serve as a coach, stylist, sounding board and consultant to a member of the US House of Representatives
  • Lead a team of 15 to manage the soup-to-nuts logistics, marketing, and staffing of a women's luxury retail pop-up store in the era before social media. And doing two months' revenue in four days with old merchandise.
  • Creative direct 20+ sites for all kinds of businesses
  • Assist the production team for a documentary on the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya
  • Write the marketing messaging for a giant holistic health education and products company
  • Design the marketing strategy for a multi-national manufacturer
  • Create a brand-new style of yoga using TRX training.
  • Train a number of sales teams on consultative and behavior-based salesmanship
  • Keynote at companies and organizations for both employees and students
  • Throw events, parties, workshops and retreats for business owners.
  • Coach and advise CEOs from startup to $100 million in revenue
  • Host interviews of amazing entrepreneurs on live broadcasts to viewers around the world
  • Write a weekly style column that featured local retailers for the Richmond Times-Dispatch


You might notice that not all of this falls under the scope of "coaching." Indeed, I'm much more than just a coach who has conversations. I'm a business strategist with gifts in marketing, people and product development and growth strategy. Whether or not my clients are business owners, my holistic approach to their success informs our work together and brings exponential value to the coaching relationship.


Curious about working together? Want to know if we might be a fit? Please visit my 1:1 coaching page to learn more.