How I became comfortable charging high prices


Last week I held master classes for both Potentializers and Appreciators- two types of entrepreneurs who have not yet mastered the combo of more than enough joy and more than enough revenue on the Joy|Money Matrix™. 

Strangely, for me, hardly anyone showed up for my master classes- something that has never happened in my career. It felt weird and disappointing at first and I questioned why I was doing this. Until this conversation unfolded with Nat Couropmitree. It was a lovely outcome from something I had initially judged a "failure." 

We got to talking about pricing- a particularly tough subject for both Potentializers and Appreciators- and a topic on which I have many opinions. Not since the very beginning of my career have I charged low or typical prices. In this video, I talk about what's necessary internally and externally to be able to feel comfortable charging higher prices for your services if that's in alignment with your goals and your target market of course. 

Below the video you'll find the resources we speak about on the video.

Here are the resources! 

Voice Dialog

Price Discrimination