Currently Obsessed With: HERBIVORE and Moon Fruit

I think that using healthy skin care and beauty products is basically an imperative these days. It sickens me to think of all the companies still pushing products full of S H I T that is 100% known to be carcinogenic or linked to endocrine/fertility disruptors, etc. 

If you think I'm a bit of a wack job on this, just check out the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database to see how your current products stack up. 

Now, on here you'll only see be become obsessed with stuff that's already proven healthy. 

Like today's obsession. Thanks to Natasha at Sephora in Union Square, I'm the proud owner of Moon Fruit night cream and it is the most amazing thing ever. 

Now, on the reviews you'll see that some people can't get past the smell, so I'll address that first. The smell is nostalgic. Familiar. And while not unpleasant, it's not like the delicious scent of, say, Intelligent Nutrients body elixir. And until I can put my finger on what the smell reminds me of, you'll just have to go get a sample for yourself.

So, on to the results! 

Frankly this stuff makes my (trending towards ruddy) skin look great immediately upon application. During the day a lighter application leaves my skin soft and matte and less red (be sure to follow up with serious SPF because it can make you photosensitive). 

A heavier application at night plumped my air travel/desert-dried skin, refined the texture and brightened my freckly complexion.

All for $58. 

So basically you should just go buy this now. I have dry-ish skin but I also read on the reviews that it eases acne too. 

You can get it at Sephora.