Magic Monday 2015

Hi guys!

I wanted people who are not on my email list to be able to benefit from my Magic Monday deals. 

Here's what I sent my list over the weekend: 

I wasn't going to send out anything particularly special but then I received an email from Joanna at Copyhackers this morning. 

It was a ridonc discount on her e-books. 7 ebooks for $29. I'm also buying Shopify's BOGO that's 6 months of their basic plan x2 for $99 if anyone is so inclined...go there. 

When I was a kid (or an adult, actually) whenever my dad got a really good deal on fake pink Keds (childhood) or perhaps industrial amounts of chia seeds at Big Lots (yep that's now), he says this funny thing.

"Hey Keeks! I got a screeeeeeeeeaming deal!" 

I SO wish I had a audio or gif or both of him doing his screaming deal thing because it's hilarious. Ahhhh Ray Fritsch, you character, you. (ed note: I now have documentation.) 

Anyway, what would be a screeeeeeeeaming deal  I could offer you guys?

Here what I decided on: 

$20 off any order over $50 on my Etsy shop:

Blue Sky t-shirts, Thomas Jefferson posters. Great gifts and all items donate a percentage of profits (or ALL of profits) for some good causes. 

$20 off my More Than Enough e-course (that means it'll be $24!) 

Get over feeling not good enough, successful enough, wealthy enough with this 21 day e-course that equips you with some amazing tools to tackle that internal Not Enough voice.

$900 off my CX Sells Workshop in Chapel Hill in February.  

Yes, you read that right. $900 off. Insane. Screeeeeeeeaming even. That makes the cost $1050. 

The code for all of these discounts is MAGICMONDAY

And, like Scandinavian furniture at Home Goods, the deals disappear at 11:55 pm on December 1. 

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