Year in Review Workshop

ryanholidayHey hey! So I really LOVE the period between now and New Year’s Eve. I feel like it’s so bustling, cheerful and full of possibility. It’s also a time of year when I reflect (mebbe a bit too much?) on the year’s action and what I want to create in the year to come.

And because that reflection is such an important part of my personal and business planning, I thought I’d give you gals a taste of what I do.

So I’m offering a Year In Review Virtual Retreat!  It’s gonna be day long and multi-media/experiential. Ya’ll know I love me some LIVE broadcasting, so it’ll be video instead of a conference call or recordings. The focus will be what you’ve been up to this year, making sense of it, learning from it, loving it and letting it go so that we have a new platform on which to build our vision (and actualities) for 2013.

I’m pumped about it!

Date is December 28. AND, because sharing is caring: you get BOGO. That’s right. You and a friend can enjoy the Year in Review Virtual Retreat for the same price. Holla.

Check out the retreat deetz here.


Ima give you a taste of what we’ll be up to during our retreat so that you could always DIY it.

1. Get your groove on. We spend so much freaking time in our heads that it’s important to get into our bodies. Whether you yogify, shake yo booty or otherwise do something grounding (walk outside perchance?) you might find that if you move FIRST and think SECOND, you get to a whole new level of consciousness. BTW, I learned this concept from my first yoga teacher- Baron Baptiste. I’ll tell the story about it sometime.

2. Practice Xtreme Self Care. You know: wrap yourself in cashmina knits (no uncomfy clothes allowed!), spend the big bucks on a case of Pellegrino and limes, go to the art store and buy a gorgeous new journal and pretty pens, light a candle and brew some tea…now we’re talking.

3. Go with the flow. Set up an agenda perhaps. And then break it. Allow things to expand and contract depending on your energy and your mood.

4. Nap. 

5. Order in for dindin. Make sure you’ve got an amazing gluten free pizza or other delectable goodness and get Yellow Pages on that shizzle (you know- let your fingers do the walking). You are the queen. You do not go OUT to eat while you are retreatin.

Hahahahaha now lest you think that you’re gonna pay cash money to watch me nap, think again! We’ll be up to good stuff AND there will opportunity to make it your own. So, check out the retreat deetz here.