GUOTD: Positively No Smoking? What if you're smokin hot????

bahahahahahaha. This is my outfit of yesterday. For when I wanted to be comfy (hence knitwear pants and old man sweater). Perfect for temperate spring days, both sun and shade, and for ruffling the feathers of certain hipsters. It's not that I looked GLAM per se (witness aforementioned striped sweater and bedhead), but something about the buttons, the color, the toenails said "I am not one of you."

And then I received looks askance. It's not my imagination just ask Emily (my usual partner in crime at that particular coffee joint). We thoroughly enjoy dressing in our preppy finest to converge there. Nothing like beating hipsters at their own "I'm so unique and stand out" game. Try being the only one in a place who is not wearing SOMETHING from American Apparel. You feel like a minority I tell ya!