Think that business has to be all work and no play?

Think again.

You know that we (a small group of conscious biz owners) have been masterminding (to, ahem, great success) on our own for over a year now. And while Richmond and the yurt have been phenomenal, well, why not take it up a notch?

Enter the Arboleda.

Gorgeous weather, an amazing house, stunning pool and private chef.

I'm thinking anywhere between four and ten women, coming together to support one another in business, and in life. More of peer sharing than a money making venture or a leader/follower dynamic.

Three days of masterminding and two days of whatever for a week that we'll never forget.

Here's what I've cooked up:

Last week of November OR First week of December (we're flexy with the group's preference)

5 days/5 nights

3 days spent in peer mastermind (with pool and beach time too)

2 days to dive, explore, do nothing, hike

3 days of private chef and food prepared while we mastermind (if you know me at all, you know that I like healthy goodness)

Daily yoga classes

Includes car transfer from Santo Domingo (2.5 hour ride to house), Il Portillo (small airstrip 5' from house), OR Samana (30' ride from house, jetblue service starts 11/14/12).

Cost: $1000 double occupancy, $1500 single occupancy.

If you've not yet been a part of our DIY mastermind, it's more of a group jam session- we each get time to talk about our businesses but no one person is the facilitator, we don't have hard and fast time limits, and everyone ends of getting a lot more creative feedback than you'd think.

**Just to be extra special super duper clear, this is not a mastermind that I'm conducting to make money. I will cover costs associated with the house of course, but it's really to bring together a group of amazing women (though dudes could come too I suppose!) so that we all benefit from a mastermind in a posh location without having to shell out $25k.**

If you're game, just email me and you can put in your deposit ($500) to secure your spot. Woohoo! This is gonna be crazy amounts of fun!

The link to this page is shhh secret! I'm only sending it to a curated list. If you think one of your friends might be a good fit for mastermind, please run it by me before inviting him/her to look at this page. Thanks!!

Learn more about the Arboleda and see pix here. (The house alone goes for $3k+ a week, people.)

And, I just saw flights to the DR for less than $400 to Santo Domingo. Holler.