It's almost the end of the year.

You're bound to have a ton of shizzle to do between now and December 31. You feel the pull of the season- it is a little magical, no? All those cookies to be baked, presents to be carefully selected (and wrapped!), gay apparel to be donned.*

And you also feel the pull of hibernation- the nights are darker and longer, the temperatures (in half the world) are colder.

If you've got a product-based business, then you know this is go time! Your fourth quarter is often your biggest, and you're doing the promos and getting the merch out the door.

If you're a service provider, you might have already written off December as a non-month, thinking that if no one else is gonna do biz, then why will you?


Regardless of where you are and what sort of work you do, I invite you to close your year with me in a new and different way.


You see, at this time of year I turn inward (perhaps by design?); I take my time; I move a bit more slowly; I spend a lot more time on my yoga mat and in my journal. This time, for me, is sacred.


this is my end of year planning journal. but it pretty much always looks like this.


Left to my own devices on New Years Eve, I'll make a collage, do some yoga, meditate, light a candle for my bath and be all tucked in by 10:30 (at the latest!).


And as I pondered how I wanted to close out this year of my business, of the work that sustains me and allows me to do what I love, I figured I would share with you.


So that's what I'm gonna do!


You are cordially invited to join me for the first annual LifeShifted Year in Review.


This day long virtual retreat is for you if you:

  • Desire to celebrate your successes and learn from your challenges in 2012

  • Would like an interactive and group setting to process your year

  • Want to create a strategy for 2013 from a place of contemplation not chaos

  • Like hanging out with me!

  • Enjoy a multi-media approach to learning and training

  • Can make the time in this season to take care of yourself and your biz


Here's what I've cooked up (and I do hope you find it tasty):

TWO options for date/time to suit your schedule. If you sign up for one, though, you automatically can join us for the second round.


Tuesday December 11 from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time


Friday December 28 from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time


The schedule and juice of each retreat will be roughly the same.** Both retreats will be LIVE broadcasts with extra funtimes thrown in. That means video! Yeah!


10 am: Check in, meditation and intention setting plus MOVEMENT. Wear yoga pants people. We gotta get out of our heads and into our bodies.

11 am: Year in Review exercise

12 noon: Little break and PRIZES

12:30 pm: Strategic Planning exercise

1:45 pm: Little break

2 pm: Hot Seat One- Lucky participant :)

2:30 pm: Q and A

3 pm: Hot Seat Two- Another lucky duck!

3:30 pm: Year in Review Ritual and closing and more prizes!!


Here's a rundown of what you get: 

  • A conscious look back at your year

  • An opportunity to appreciate your successes AND failures

  • The chance to let go cognitively and physically of that which no longer supports you

  • Some funtimes creation of your New Year

  • The excitement of sharing your journey and dreams with like-minded women

  • Motivation and specific tools to overcome the occasional mindf**k

Your investment for the virtual retreat is $125. 


To make this even more exciting, I'm encouraging women to form small groups and participate in the retreat together. To that end, please enjoy a BOGO*** offer from now until December 25. Yep, that's BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. I know. Insane.

Simply register below and we'll get you and your retreat buddy set up.



*If you don't recognize that reference, you clearly have not been playing holiday music since October.

**You know that they won't be exactly alike as you know I'm a bit more off the cuff than most.

***Buy One Get One!