The MQ Test A Personalized Assessment to Gauge Your Innate Magnetic Strengths and What Hinders Them

You catch glimpses of your Magnetic self in the watery reflection of a store window as you speed by.

You feel your Magnetism when you are coming off stage after a particularly rousing speech.

You notice you are your Magnetic self after hanging up the phone and experiencing (again) that your work empowers and uplifts and changes others.

Sometimes you see your Magnetism reflected back to you in the eyes of your lover, but you still feel a shred of doubt about his/her feelings toward you and about who you really are.

Magnetism is the quality of the soul and self (ego) working together so that your best inherent qualities are both visible and attractive to the world around you. When speaking about Magnetism, the word attractive means “gracefully drawing desirable people, situations and experiences to you.”

Magnetism stands on the axiom that “all you have is all you need.”

And for myriad reasons, the inherently Magnetic internal qualities you possess are tamped down, covered up, and otherwise not able to shine out into the world (or to you, for that matter). The result is an uncomfortable disconnect between self and others, for at some level you knew (indeed, know right now) that you are complete, whole, Magnetic.

But once again, Magnetism stands on the axiom that “all you have is all you need.” The process of uncovering your innate Magnetism is not so much about change, transformation or fixing. Instead, it’s about recovering and discovering that which was already there. The byproduct of discovering/uncovering your Magnetism is that you begin to attract effortlessly that which you desire and to partner with others to create a world that is more magical (and more Magnetic) than ever.

Imagine if you could quantify which parts of your personality help people connect with you- and which parts actually prevent that connection?

The MQ Test measures exactly that. And then gives you the recommendations and tools you need to connect with your peeps on a deeper level.

The most common characteristics of leaders who decide to take the MQ Test are:

You embrace growth, improvement, self-discovery.

You live your life in the spotlight.

You desire to connect on a deeper level with your audience (be they customers, constituents or fans) as well as with your family and friends.

You are feeling ambivalence about your leadership and role in the spotlight.

You are ready to grow your leadership and sphere of influence to the next level.

You have lost that loving feeling with your work and you’re ready to enjoy your achievements.

You know that you need to reach out and ask for support to fulfill your biggest dreams.

You desire to re-engage in the life and work you choose in a meaningful way.

You have been feeling scattered and wish to cultivate a grounded sense of meaning, purpose, and clarity in your daily routines.

You want to be in flow and attract ideal people, opportunities and resources in a graceful way.

You are already Magnetic, and the MQ Test shines a light on those qualities and helps you amplify them while simultaneously giving you data on the qualities that dull your strengths.

After receiving their MQ test results, clients have noticed:

A newfound ability to communicate effectively with team members and loved ones.

Developing greater intuition and “knowing” when interacting with potential partners (be it in business or personal relationships).

Discovering the one quality that was standing in the way of closing the sale.

Experiencing ease and enjoyment as a leader.

Renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their work.

Elimination of the negative habits and thought processes that sabotaged their greatest success.

Clarity around the non-negotiables that must be a part of their lives in the spotlight.

Enhanced ability to step with grace into greater levels of responsibility without becoming overwhelmed or overworked.

Here’s how we achieve that:

The MQ Test is a series of three assessments that give me massive information on your energy as a leader, your values, how you make decisions, what stresses you out, and what’s really important to you.

Once you’ve completed your three assessments, I’m able to create the MQ Matrix- a report that details how the subtle interplay of your various results enhance or hinder your Magnetism.

To deliver your results, we gather (in person or via video conference) to debrief in three 50 minute sessions.

Then, you’ll have the chance to go over your MQ Matrix report on your own and implement the recommendations. Several weeks later, in a final 50 minute session, we’ll connect to see how your Magnetism has increased and what you’ve successfully incorporated into your life and business.

From there, you may be invited to apply for the Magnetism Accelerator program or you may desire to have periodic Magnetism “tune-ups.” The beauty of the MQ test is that it is dynamic and reflects change over time to quantitatively demonstrate the improvements you make to your Magnetism. Many clients retake it annually or after a particularly accelerated period of leadership development.

Regardless, the MQ Test is a fun, enlightening and catalytic step towards owning and enjoying your role in the spotlight like never before.

The MQ Test is $1200 and includes three assessments, four 50 minute sessions, and your MQ Matrix report.

If you wish to maximize your time and results in a day-long intensive (in person or via video conference), we can go through your report and do all debriefs in one day. Cost is $1200.