SCHOOL/ED is here!

Do we ever stop learning, growing, asking questions? I sincerely hope not. Life is not always easy and I believe it's in the margins and spaces between magic that we do the most learning. This quarter's theme, SCHOOL/ED is about our relationship to learning and to growth. I'll be posting every so often some essays and art about my own process of being SCHOOL/ED and below you'll find the first batch of content related to this theme. Thank you, and may you always be learning. 

Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain.
— Aristotle


SCHOOL/ED by yoga? Oh yes! Every day...

Yes. Seriously. Above is the true story of how my 10 year teaching career began before I ever set foot in a yoga studio.


RealToughCandy on being a woman in tech

The internet/youtube are like microcosms of high school- cliques and trolls and popular kids- and it's easy to get lost. RealToughCandy made her own "high school" of likeminded people who are self-motivated, constantly learning, who want to build the internet and community- without the gossip and backstabbing-now she's the coolest ever homecoming queen.


Activity! Alex Franzen on feeling down- and what you can do about it. 

Alexandra Franzen is a professional writer who also inspires thousands of people on the regular with her insanely actionable (and uplifting) newsletters. She writes books and copy, erotic fiction and *may* love almond croissants and sex like on of her memorable characters. Here's she's got 30 things you can do when you feel down. 

I'll be adding new content weekly!

I can't wait to get SCHOOL/ED with you!