Holly Dunlap, socially conscious fashion designer; Erika Lyremark, the original WhipSTAR; Anne Samoilov, the launch queen; Lissa Bolles, the Soul Mapper; Deborah Jackson, founder of PlumAlley.co; James Altucher, the craziest brilliant blogger; Damien Patton, CEO of Banjo; Steve Garfield, angel investor and one of the earliest vloggers; David Bowman, CFO of Blue Bottle Coffee; Matias Corea, co-founder of Behance; Alexandra Franzen, mistress of creative expression; Natalie MacNeil, who takes on the world; Amy Porterfield, FB guru; Derek Halpern, SocialTriggers.com; Danielle LaPorte, author and creative visionary

I jotted down this quick list to impress you. No hiding that! 

Over the past three years, I've interviewed and interacted with all of these (and more) uber-successful and high-profile peeps. They've participated in my live broadcasts, they've sat down with me at SXSW for intimate interviews, they've agreed to meet with me 1:1, and they've attended my events. 

Just looking at this list leaves me scratching my head a little.

Why me? 

Why would these folks choose to use their valuable time to interact with me and my tribe? 

The answer is: I asked. And I asked in the right way at the right time.

Being around, speaking with, and learning from these experts has helped me in my own business. 

And if you're here, you know that aligning yourself with a similar cadre of influencers can help you too.

That's why I'm hosting my first Master Class to share with you the exact techniques*, phone calls, and emails that get positive responses from amazing people like those listed above.

After all, aligning yourself with "VIPs" gives you some serious benefits:

  • Major credibility among your peers and other high profile peeps
  • Enhanced status as a leader in your sphere of influence
  • New content from well known names that's exclusively yours

  • Introductions to their networks (if you play your cards right)

  • Potential new friends and mentors

So, would you like to learn how I cold called and emailed these big names and convinced them to a phone/skype/coffee date (and in Derek's case a live interview in front of one hundred Social Media Week attendees)? 

Then sign up for my Master Class: Aligning yourself with high profile people! 

See you on the broadcast!




*Bonus: you can use some of these same techniques to approach press and potential new business!