The power of a network can be reduced to its simplest form in ‘I know someone who knows someone who knows someone.
— Michele Jennae

Hey there high flyer, mover-shaker, business owner!

I'm guessing that you already know that you're only as good as your network. So I'm happy that you're interested in sharing a bit of yours with the rest of the world.

Use the form below to nominate your fave resources who serve business leaders. 


The inspiration...

One of the main questions people have for me is, "Hey Lauren, do you know someone who...?"

You can fill in the ellipses with all manner of requests from shamanic accountants and spiritual web designers to your garden variety contractors and closet organizers. 

I realized that it'd be way more efficient and way more fun to create a little book of superheroes who have helped me and my peeps. 

Enter...Lauren's Little Book of Business Resources! 

But it can't happen without you! 

That's right, I'm curious about whom you'd recommend and why! 

Start giving up the goods (consider it your good deed for the day), and I'll keep you posted when the book is ready. 


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