Maximizer. Potentializer.

Explorer. Appreciator.

All four have some things in common: We are creative. We value our creative practice even if it is not necessarily part of our revenue model. We underestimate the time we spend on non-generative activities. We overestimate the time it takes for satisfying creative work. 

Bottom line? We all want to do more of our creative practice and less of something else. 

When we understand which type of creative entrepreneur we are, we can then leverage our specific abilities as a springboard to greater fulfillment, joy and, yes, sustainable revenue. 

The quiz is short- just 5 questions. Once you're done you can choose to receive a video and pdf for your type to tell you more about what it really means for you in your creative and business life. 

Let's continue the conversation on my Facebook page . Post your results and let me know which type of entrepreneur you are.  - Lauren

Lauren Fritsch_CEO

My name is Lauren Fritsch. I'm so glad you're here.

I create products that directly help creative entrepreneurs AMPLIFY JOY and ACCELERATE INCOME.

But really, I'm a purveyor of love.

And love is the shiny gold thread that binds us all together. 

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