CX Sells: The Magnetic Customer Experience Workshop

February 1-3, 2016

The Franklin Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC

Hi there,

I'm glad you're here. And I hope you'll join me in February for the CX Sells workshop. 


It's going to be insanely fun. It might involve karaoke (me) and meditation (you). You are guaranteed to feel awkward. We will eat and drink delicious things and laugh at said karaoke. 


You're also guaranteed to learn a bunch of stuff that you will be able to use to skyrocket your business like so:  

  • Triple revenue? Yeah, that's what one of my clients did.
  • Achieve 4 and 5x conversion on paying customers? Indeed. That's possible for you too. 
  • Reduce churn to nearly zero? Yes. I can help you with that. 


During this workshop, I teach you and your team to fish, I don't just serve up a really tasty bass. 


You see for three days, you and a small group of other business owners will join me in Chapel Hill to focus on your business, your customers, and your conversion- all through the lens of Magnetic Customer Experience.

Customer Experience is more than just making sure that customers are happy. It's way more than customer service. It's more than conversion alone.


And I've watched it create massive results for businesses including: 

  • E-commerce
  • Brick-and-mortar retail
  • Luxury real estate
  • SaaS
  • Professional services (online and off)
Customer Experience is the strategic thought process that you apply to every single touch point your potential and actual customers have with your brand.

Customer Experience is your sales engine.


If you have a website and want to gather more email addresses, CX can help. 

If you want to decrease churn, CX is the solution. 

If you want to increase revenue and lower your customer acquisition costs, CX can do it.

If you want to create a solid base of raving fans devoted to your brand, CX is the foundation. 

Why? Because CX sells. 

See how that works? Don't you want this swimsuit? The hat, bike? Or maybe just a Coney Island ice cream cone/hot dog combo? 

See how that works? Don't you want this swimsuit? The hat, bike? Or maybe just a Coney Island ice cream cone/hot dog combo? 


Why does CX sell? Because people love being known. And they make emotional decisions, even about seemingly rational purchases. 


So how can we get to know our customers, make sure they feel known, and then help foster an emotional connection between them and our brand? 


It's simple: Customer Experience. 


In this workshop, you're going to have the opportunity to work through your company's Customer Experience Architecture. You'll leave with a clear plan to execute on when you leave the workshop and you'll even have a bit of time to implement on-site so that we can tweak in real time. 


What does that really mean? How will three days in a conference room in Chapel Hill transform your business? 


Well, a lot of it will be a surprise because I love surprises! But here's what I can tell you: 



You'll start re-thinking your CX in December. That's because you'll receive a Customer Experience questionnaire that requires you to delve deeply into your brand. It will take you some time (some hours over several days is what I recommend) to work through.


This pre-workshop module covers your:

  • Protagonist Profiles (your target market)
  • Your Internal and External Transformations (what you provide your Protagonists via your product or service)
  • Bright Spots (what you're doing right)
  • Challenge Points (what you could be doing better)
  • Your Big Vision (where you want your business to go)
  • Assessments (I like to know a bit more about you so you will be invited to take a couple of assessments before we arrive in Chapel Hill.)
  • If you are working with a team, you'll receive team materials to complete these.


Once you complete the pre-workshop modules, you'll return them to me for review. Then we'll have a 45 minute Skype or phone call in January to make sure that you're prepared to maximize our workshop days. 

This is at one of my client's offices. Don't worry, our conference room will be wayyyyy bigger. But maybe not with that view! And see that wall of whiteboard? That's my kind of brainstorming surface.

This is at one of my client's offices. Don't worry, our conference room will be wayyyyy bigger. But maybe not with that view! And see that wall of whiteboard? That's my kind of brainstorming surface.



We'll gather in Chapel Hill at the Franklin Hotel. It's a small hotel with spacious rooms and (most important to me) its conference rooms get plenty of daylight. 


Day One is all about you- your business, your product or service and your Protagonists. We plot your Protagonists' journeys visually and emotionally so that we see what they need, as well as when and how it should be communicated. While this might seem like a long time to spend on your market, it's actually the crux of Customer Experience. This is the crucial information that provides the foundation for what comes next. 


Day Two is all about the journey to becoming (and staying) a customer. We drill down to messaging and media choices, online and offline CX touch points, and craft customized CX architecture to close the gap between where you are now and your Big Vision for your business.


For some of you this part of the process very much focuses on your web presence. For others, it focuses on how your sales people interact with customers in person, over email and on the phone. For a few businesses, it is both. 


On Day Three, we present our new Customer Experience Architecture to the group for questions and feedback. 



Once you return home you'll have a chance to let our work together percolate, (Oh yes, percolate.) In the month of February we'll hop back on the phone or the Skype to hash through any questions as you implement your new Customer Experience Architecture. 


To further manage expectations about our time together: 

1. You will leave healthier than when you arrived (unless you hit Franklin Street after hours). That's right. We're talking (mostly) healthy snacks and drinks, breakfast and lunches daily and a celebratory cocktail party are all included with your ticket. 


2. We'll start at 10 am each morning and go til about 5 or 6 pm on both Monday and Tuesday. One night we'll have a party and a surprise outing. Wednesday, we'll wrap up at 4 pm so you can catch flights back home that evening if you like. 


3. Chapel Hill is about a 25 minute ride from the Raleigh-Durham airport. I chose it as the location because I grew up in Durham, it's a super easy airport to fly in and out of, and because we will have very little chance of winter weather impacting flights. Chapel Hill is also a cool little college town. 


4. I am a "go with the flow" kind of teacher and consultant. I've already given you an outline of our three days in Chapel Hill; however, I will always err on the side of improvisation for the sake of results as opposed to sticking to an agenda just 'cuz.


If you are the type to wig out when you don't know where something is going or if we're off-piste or if you want someone (that would be me) to tell you exactly what to do every step of the way, then you might want to find a different way to build your biz than coming to my workshop. If you think you could benefit from "Beginner's Mind" and commit to showing up for whatever happens, then welcome. I'm psyched to work with you.  

How do you know if you'll get what you need for your business?

First, I hope that you've seen my broadcast that breaks down one client's CX process and results. Or you can watch a recent talk I gave at the Celebrate conference in Las Vegas. 

And here is what some folks have to say about me and my work: 

Lauren’s one hour workshop was worth the entire $1000 ticket price.
— James LaBarrie, Beyond Marketing
Lauren’s CX process informed our entirely new training process for new sales people. With her help we re-wrote hundreds of pages of call scripts and emails and empowered our sales reps to use their experience, research and creativity. Ultimately, we are seeing 2 to 5x conversion from our reps and we couldn’t be happier.
— NY Real Estate Firm
Lauren is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever met during my business career. Her enthusiasm and vivaciousness, matched with her knowledge and business insight, give her a unique perspective and make her a tremendous asset to any organization as a coach and consultant.
— Bill Payne, Head of Sales- Lohmann Technologies
Lauren worked with us to unite our culture with our Customer Experience. To say they both transformed is an understatement. We were blown away by the positive results. Better retention and higher sales numbers.
— North American Head of Retail
My life, my career and my business would not be where they are today without the support, coaching, guidance and encouragement I’ve received from Lauren over the years since she first started coaching me. She’s passionate, vivacious, insightful and bold. She’ll transform you and your business in so many ways. Call her. Call her NOW!
— Justine Bloome, SVP Strategy and Innovation, Carat Intl

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. 

Before December 15: $1950 for your first team member and $950 for each additional.

After December 15: $2450 for your first team member and $1450 for each additional.

We have a room block reserved through December 31 at a special rate of $189 per night. 


I can't wait to see you in Chapel Hill!