Hi there!

If you're reading this page it's because you've been through the Corporate Cash 10 Part Training and/or the Corporate Cash Master Class.




I hope that you have started to put into place the materials and into practice the skills that you'll need in order to land corporate contracts. 


If you're fairly new to my little world, I want to let you know that I believe all businesses (and their owners) are unicorns. I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and operate that way for my corporate clients as well as for my small business clients.


That being said, I also understand the power of learning in a group and have had numerous inquiries in the past four months about mentorship and training on the same principles that we've gone through together in the free email training and the Master Class.


So, I've created some ways for us to work together to help you move more quickly towards your goal of landing corporate contracts. 


One on one work together is exactly as it sounds: we work over a defined period of time to get you to your goals. 1:1 work is intensive, directive (as in I will often tell you what I think would be a good direction for action), and can involve me as much or as little as you like in the strategic decisions of your business. I create a specific 1:1 program for each and every client. 


The small group mentorship is a bit more circumscribed in that it has a structure that's more fixed (though still leaves room for customization for each participant). I think of it as a lovely hybrid between a straight up group program or 1:1 work.


If you're interested in either way of working together, the next step is to fill out the form below. If you'd like more information on the structure of the small group mentoring program, keep reading! 

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Great, so you're reading this because you'd like more visibility on the small group mentoring.

Here's what I cooked up!

Corporate Cash Program

Who it's for:

Participants have completed the free training and/or the Master Class. You are excited and energized to reach a corporate market. You have a successful business already (meaning your business supports you) and want to leverage your expertise within a market that will expand your skills and challenge you as well as offer attractive fee ranges for the work you do.



The program will officially begin the week of July 21 though you'll receive pre-work once you sign up for the program. 


Phase One- Strategy: We'll have weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) training sessions for the first four weeks where I will deliver content, followed by Q&A and action steps. 

Topics covered will include deep dives into the following: 

  • Savvy sales conversations
  • Proposals that work
  • Accessing the C-suite
  • Creating marketing gravity
  • How to turn a no into a yes
  • Navigating price resistance
  • Pricing strategies
  • Crafting a luxurious customer experience
  • Buying facilitation

During the first four weeks of our time together you'll also be working on your brand, your offers, and building your ecosystem. I'll have 1:1 meetings with each of you during this time to tweak messaging, your offers, your pricing and your strategies for new business development. 

I will host a full day session with the group (no worries if you can't be here in NY in person as I'll stream it live to you too) during the first four weeks for a longer day of knowledge transfer as well as some role playing so that you have the opportunity to practice what you're learning. 


Phase Two- Application and Iteration: This is the part where you begin to apply what you learned in Part One and then come back to offer and receive feedback. You'll have your first meetings, you'll report on how they go, and we'll tweak what you're up to so that you get the results you're looking for.

I call this part Application and Iteration because it's where you pivot based on how the market is responding to your offer and based on what needs you see in the marketplace. 

In this phase we'll have weekly group calls and continue with 1:1 meetings to give you the group support as well as the targeted focus of individual consulting to help you achieve your goals.


Phase Three- Integration: The final phase is Integration. At this point you'll be delivering services. We'll have bi-weekly calls and short 1:1 check-ins to monitor progress, trouble-shoot challenges you have in service delivery and ensure that you and your new clients are over the moon about the results you're delivering for them.


Each phase is approximately four weeks in length. (Give or take.) I'm a fluid person and while I like structure very much to facilitate wild creativity, I also understand that we move at the pace of life.

So, based on that, the approximate dates are:

  • Phase One: July 21 to August 15
  • Phase Two: August 18 to September 12
  • Phase Three: September 15 to October 10


Our in-person or virtual workshop day will be decided on after the group coalesces. (With small groups it can be quite wonderful to work around schedules. We'll shoot for an August date.)


Our group and 1:1 sessions will take place during regular business hours (10 am to 5 pm EST). 


I've purposefully left out a specific number of 1:1 sessions or a specific number of group sessions. I believe in getting people what they need to succeed so I don't want to limit myself or you because it's what my sales page says. 


I've also purposefully left out the pricing structure. If you apply using the form above and we hop on the phone to have a chat about the program, we'll go over the program options in full as well as the pricing and payment options. 

I want to ensure that you can afford both to take the program that best serves your needs AND pay for the business development costs that are inevitable during this time. 


Other perks: 

All participants will have complimentary access to any Master Classes that take place during the program.

Some of those may include (titles subject to change): 

  • How to get big names to speak at your events
  • How to land a speaking gig at SXSW and other major conferences
  • How to charge higher prices without scaring away your clients
  • How to turn your business into a luxury brand
  • Crafting an emotional and sticky customer experience
  • How to sell infoproducts to the corporate market


How to be successful in this program: Successful participants will be ready to dive into the marketing and skill development required to grow a corporate client base quickly. You must have ample time (10+ hours per week) to devote to your business. You must also be willing to spend modest amounts on necessary components of business building (web and brand upgrades, admin/legal/accounting as needed, occasional event tickets). You will not need an assistant or an office (outside of your home)!  


You must have a willing attitude and be excited to try different approaches to see what works for you. You will receive complimentary access to Beth Grant's Archetype Alignment Grid to give you some insight into how your business model and marketing can best serve who you are and how you naturally persuade people. 


You must be consistent, willing to show up for yourself and for the group, and complete what you set out to do. Everyone will have different pacing and measures for success. The group is not so much about doing the same thing together or measuring yourself against others as having a safe place to share experiences and create a network of individuals who can cross-refer clients and serve as a sounding board.


If this sounds like a program that would  serve you and your business, I encourage you to fill out the form above. My assistant Emily will reach out to schedule a phone meeting so that we can get to know one another a little better and see if it's a fit to work together either one on one or in the small group setting.

I look forward to hearing from you!