Hey there business owners!

I've had so many questions lately from folks who want to know how I have landed corporate contracts over the years that I figured I should just make an email training to explain at least the basics.

I've made well over $1 million in corporate contracts and can thank bigger (though still small) businesses for their support in my growth as an entrepreneur and consultant. 

Since I got serious about my business, I've learned a ton, made great friends, learned about industries I never knew existed and enjoyed some really amazing revenue as a result. 

If you're interested in learning how you can land lucrative corporate contracts, then sign up below for the 10 day series. 

I take you by the hand and show you my step-by-step process on how to do it. I can't wait to share this information with you!

If you're not sure it's for you, skip down below to read more! 

Ok, so a lot of you will say that corporate contracts are only for consultants...but that's a myth!

Corporate clients hire all kinds of service providers including:

  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches of ALL kinds
  • Wellness experts
  • Motivational speakers
  • Bookkeeping/accounting help
  • Lawyers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Models
  • Voice over artists
  • Fine artists
  • Musicians
  • Landscapers
  • Lighting designers
  • Florists
  • Yoga and Pilates teachers
  • Massage therapists
  • Image/style consultants
  • Communications experts
  • Speech writers
  • Researchers
  • Customer service experts
  • Consultants 
  • Event planners
  • Printers

and many, many more!

As you can see, the corporate sphere can accommodate all kinds of business expertise- you just have to know how to go after it.  So if this sounds intriguing, sign up to learn how you can jumpstart your corporate business.