What's your fave day of the week?

Mine used to be Wednesday- there was just something ineffably awesome about Wednesday. Never mind that it is apparently when families/couples have the most fights. Whatevs.

It used to be that Mondays were my Most Anxious of Days. I'd hit Monday feeling unprepared, un-pretty, unorganized, unmotivated, uninspired, un un un un un.

But lately, Mondays are trumping Wednesdays for a lot of reasons. I've felt an amazing shift around Mondays that has me looking forward to them in a way that I never have before. Now when Monday rolls around, I feel:

* Amazing potential energy * Excitement about my clean slate * Relaxation instead of anxiety * Renewed clarity & sense of purpose

What changed? Well, a lot of things. And that's what I want to share with you. Each and every Monday I want to gift you with a little game-changer to help you get your week off to a great start.

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xoxo, L & Monday

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