Hi! I'm honored that you are curious about working together. Right now, the best ways to work with me are through the following group programs: 

  • Incandescent- for consultants and coaches who want to sell to corporate (next cohort enrolling in June 2018)

  • Magnetic Customer Experience- 5-10x your paid conversion with high touch customer acquisition strategies (enrolling in April 2018)

  • Joy|Money Matrix- quarterly virtual retreats and a simple tool that helps entrepreneurs and executives prioritize both joy and revenue


Some of you will want to know about the nuts and bolts of coaching. 


Here's how I explain my process:

  • Results-oriented, some tough love, and healthy amounts of humor

  • Time spent outside of official "coaching conversations" is often where the good stuff happens, perhaps over a fabulous dinner and wine or a great hike.

  • Speed is important. We both move fast. Momentum matters.

  • You'll learn tools to take with you long after our engagement comes to a close.

  • I include access to my resources- people, IP, technology in service of your personal goals.

  • Is the focus business or life? I've advised multi-nationals, CEOs and politicians on strategy, diet, wardrobe and relationships. It's symbiotic. We approach your business and life holistically.

  • Intuition, an inner life, and purpose. We examine and cultivate these.

If you're interested in working together, please fill out the form below. 

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