Hey Creatives! Please join me! 

Over the next year, I'll be revamping my website to become a curated space for multi-media musings related to quarterly themes. What does that mean? It means I want YOU to take a gander at the upcoming themes and submit your idea (query) so that I can bind it together with the other beautiful submissions and create a destination for gorgeous, thoughtful, thought provoking art, writing, photography, video, meditations, really whatever format makes your heart sing. 

Below you'll see the themes and a link for how to submit. Thank you brave ones. 


SCHOOL/ED :: September 2017

What is school to you? Have you ever been schooled? By whom? What did you learn? 

This fall's inaugural curation highlights the glorious journey of learning through experience. Funny, somber, epic or microcosmic, please tell us more about your experience as a student and/or teacher in the school of life. 

Go here to submit your idea. 

LOVE/R :: Winter 2018

Love is love is love, isn't it? Love makes us do and say the craziest things. It creeps up on us when we don't expect it, and it's the Raison d'etre, non? 

Next winter is all about Love and the Lover. Please join us in a celebration of the range of human emotion and incarnations that encompass these two words. 

Go here to submit your idea. 



GROW/N :: Spring 2018

Years ago I discovered that all my clients prioritized both growth and contribution in their lives, over everything else (including love). We are hardwired to change, to transform, to evolve. 

What role does growth play in your life? What have you grown into? Away from? 

Go here to submit your idea.