Hot Pink/Cream Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Rules to Live By Poster

Hot Pink/Cream Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Rules to Live By Poster


Hand silk-screen poster with Thomas Jefferson's 10 Rules to Live By


Size: 11x17 with 10x16 print area

Paper: French Paper Company- Pop-Tone 100 lb. Cover

Paper Color: Whipped Cream

Ink Color: Hot Pink

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If Thomas Jefferson lived today, what would his to do list look like? We posit:


6 am: Crossfit followed by yoga


8 am: News roundup on his iPad (Economist, WSJ and TechCrunch along with Dwell for innovative architecture and Conde Nast Traveler)


10 am: Brief excursion for single-origin coffee and chat with patent attorney


11:15 am: Brainstorming and sketching new idea for software-as-service


12 noon: Artisanal lunch of nummies foraged from his own land. Quick walk-through of hen houses. (wink wink)


1 pm: Catnap


2 pm: Leading webinar on education innovation partnership with Kahn schools


4 pm: Reading and reflection and journaling


6 pm: Depart for DC on train- speaking to Congress the following morning


8 pm: Dinner in DC with architecture buddies on new Union Station designs followed by drinks at National Press Club


Imagination aside, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was a true Renaissance Man who left an enduring legacy. Let his success maxims sink into your own daily round with this gorgeous art poster featuring his classic "10 Rules to Live By."


Tap into his tips for productivity by hanging them in the office or bedroom. Ideal, too, for the powder room to entertain guests and/or spark a conversation.


Each hand pulled (that's a fancy way of saying hand silk-screened) print features archival ink and gorgeous paper carefully selected to highlight the words of wisdom.




What's more, $5 of each purchase benefits the University of Virginia Rotunda restoration fund.